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The LED lighting industry grow rapidly in future years

With the increasing environmental pollution, as a new generation of lighting technology, LED become the focus of today's global society. As LED the luminous efficiency and life of ascension, and has the advantages of power saving, energy saving and environmental protection gradually significant, LED to replace the curtain open.

LED the European and American market.The dosage of European and American countries began phasing out the civilian market's largest 40 to 60 w incandescent bulbs, as the popularity of LED lighting products provides the favorable opportunity. According to statistics, the next 1-3 years LED lighting will complete penetration, a large number of LED lighting market demand will be released. Strongly supporting policies to directly drive the rapid growth of the LED lighting market.This will also stimulate the global LED lighting manufacturers to speed up the pace of layout of LED lighting, further push up the global LED lighting permeability.

As in the field of LED industry power, Japan in the world for the development of LED industry also play a very important role in the process. 14 years ago, Japan has begun to accelerate the development of semiconductor lighting technology and industrialization "21st century light plan", is the world's one of the first countries to start the LED industry policy support. In recent years, the Japanese government's support vigorously, the LED lighting industry to grow rapidly.

The U.S. government support for the LED lighting is gradually increased, the magnitude of energy subsidies to the rapid growth of the number of lamps and lanterns to the LED lamps and lanterns down prices further. CREE and other makers are bullish on the LED lighting market development, and with the growth of lamps and lanterns is expected to become the next business growth point. In market is relatively mature in Europe, although did not see massive subsidies, but its high price and light culture difference, make commercial lighting and outdoor lighting construction situation continued application requirements. The Japanese market Domestic energy saving consciousness rising at the same time, especially the east Japan earthquake happened more than two years ago, the government more put forward the "low carbon society" (energy saving carbon reduction target. The LED lighting products at the speed of fast popularization, become the energy-saving products.

In addition, in the LED emerging markets such as Brazil, India, Vietnam, Russia and other countries and regions, also successively introduced all sorts of planning and draft, support the development of LED lighting industry. These areas in need of LED lighting products is obviously rising trend, LED lighting market is presents the fast growth, especially in the LED public lighting and commercial lighting market performance is more apparent.And in the next few years as the incandescent light bulb ban policy affect the fermentation, forecasts the market will continue to steady growth.